Frequently Asked Questions

Is plastic surgery expensive?

Price will vary from procedure to procedure. However, more and more people are seeing plastic surgeons every year. With available financing, surgery can be very affordable; even for those on a fixed budget.


Will liposuction reduce cellulite?

No. Cellulite is a natural occurrence caused by skin connecting to underlying tissue.


Is body contour surgery a replacement for exercise?

No. This surgery is designed to remove localized areas of fat; areas where exercise and diet have no effect.


Does a tummy tuck remove excess skin, or just excess fat?

A tummy tuck removes excess skin and fat. The procedure can significantly reduce the size of a protruding abdomen.


I recently lost a substantial amount of weight. Is now the right time for surgery?

No. Your weight should be stable over a period of time; long enough to insure you won’t immediately regain the weight.


Will breast augmentation leave a scar?

Breast implants can usually be inserted using only a small incision. Every effort will be made to make the scar less visible.


How long do the results of a breast lift last?

Although your breasts will appear more youthful than without surgery, the effects of pregnancy, weight change, and gravity will continue to affect your breasts.


How many treatments will it take to make my spider veins less visible?

After every treatment, spider veins will appear lighter. However, two or more sessions are usually required to obtain the maximum results.


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