“I have felt comfortable from my very first consultation. Dr. Youngerman and his staff are awesome. Thank you so much for everything!!!”


“Best decision I’ve made in a long time! Love the results! The staff is so nice and very professional! Regret waiting so long!”


“My first visit here. Had a facial and it was totally awesome.”


“Katie is the best, a facial and therapy all rolled in to one visit! Always a great experience.”


“Wonderful results each time! I wouldn’t trust anyone but Jordan!”


”Thank you for everything, you guys rock! For over ten years I’ve been dealing with the sweating but you guys truly fixed me and I’m humble. Thanks again.”


“I was the person who always had to make sure the shirt I was wearing was not going to show my sweat stains too much. It was something that I had dealt with since I was in Junior High, and I actually thought that is was just me, so I never even let my doctor know it was happening. When someone would notice my sweat stains, I would be so embarrassed. When I first found out about Miradry, I was excited to know that other people also suffered from this, and that there was something that could help.

The procedure went rather smoothly, with only slight discomfort. I was given ice immediately afterwards, and I continued to ice off and on for the next few days. I did have swelling and some discomfort, but ice and ibuprofen helped greatly.

My sweating has decreased immensely since the procedure, plus I received the added benefit of hair and odor reduction. I would definitely recommend this to someone who suffers from excess sweating.”